Eight tips when assembling your Ikea


The cool thing about Ikea's furniture is that they're designed so most of them can easily be picked up and smoothly fit in your car, likewise it's actually not that hard to assemble most Ikea furniture. Here's 8 tips to help you assemble your new Ikea furniture:  1. Follow the instruction booklet from the first step to the last. You can't skip any step.  2. Use a thick rug and lay it flat on your floor. This protects your Ikea furniture from scratches.  3. Use a mild force when using the screws, be very careful when screwing the furniture parts together to prevent it from being damaged.  4. Study the instruction booklet, make sure that you lay down the parts exactly as it was pictured in the booklet. Count the number of holes on the furniture and match it with the photo in the booklet. Sometimes the holes from one side are not the same as the other side. Always double check before screwing them together.  5. Use the wall screws provided to securely attach your furniture like shelves or cabinets, these are added for safety, 'cause sometimes the furniture can tip over and can cause serious accident.  Ikea provides these safety wall screws to prevent these.  6. If flooding is an issue in your room or home, use bricks to lift the furniture off the floor, as you can't let the furniture be submerge in any water as it will be destroyed. Check for balance all the time.  7. It's important to check the furniture sample on their showroom so you can study how it's suppose to be assembled. 8. Use a mallet instead of a hammer. And when you need an extra force to connect the parts together, apply a cardboard over the furniture before hitting it with a mallet to protect the surface from damage.