6 instances when its kinda ok to lie


Feel like lying? Six instances where its kinda ok to lie:  1. You can lie if what you're going to say will break your bf's heart to pieces especially if you're about to say it at a time where he's very happy or very vulnerable to be hurt. It's better to wait for the right moment before spilling the truth.  2. When your friend says stuff over her Facebook which you knew are not true. Challenging your friend over Facebook to retract her lies is a new low. If it involves you, its really better to talk to her or him about it rather than go public and engage in a major social media altercations.  3. If you're bf ask you if he looks handsome in his new haircut or his new shirt, you know that it took him tons of time to find that perfect shirt at the mall, or that he trust his barber all the time to do the perfect haircut for him. Relax, its just his hair and its just his shirt. What he's actually asking from you is for you to praise his new look. 4. When you're about to do something but haven't done it yet. Although its queued in your to do list, its kinda safe to tell your  bf that you already had done it. This prevents further issue and pressure from him. Also it makes him feel good knowing that you've taken care of it. 5. When you went out with your bf's mom and she ask you whether you're enjoying hanging out with her. The truth is you despise her, and that you're totally bored, being with her made it a very long afternoon with no end at sight. But smile, it's your future mother in law. You don't wanna start an issue with someone that's on the top list of your bf's priority.  6. When your friend ask you whether she really suck in dating as she tends to attract guys that either will only hurt her or use her. You know deep inside that she really sucks at this thing, but then she's already upset, it wouldn't hurt to lie and cheer her up.