6 Signs that you're megatronic titanic cheap


Still in denial?  Here's six signs that you're definitely megatronic titanic cheap:  1. The last time you took your bf or gf for a date was like a month ago, and that's at McDonalds. And yes, he or she has to split the bill with you.   2. You never bought sugar in your life, why bother when you can get free sugar sachets at your favorite coffee shop?  3. You refrigerator shop at your mom's place during weekends, in fact that's really the only reason why you check your mom out during weekends.  4. You go to Ikea for one purpose, to get their free pencils.  5. You actually count the peanuts that you're going to serve to your guests.  6. The only time that you'll go to the movie theater is when someone's going to pay for your ticket.