Why did Krist Perawat cried at Y I love You Fan Party?


GMM Tv's Y I Love You Fan Party concert couple of weeks ago is a super successful concert that features all the top BL actors of the network. And all of them can really sing. At the Finale of the concert, many noticed that Krist Perawat of Sotus had been very emotional. He was asked later why he cried, and what he said was that he was not feeling well which we can gauge judging from his reactions while singing in front of his fans, he's very touched not only because he's singing a very beautiful and emotional song but also because he's dedicating that song to all his fans and followers that brought him to where he was right now in his career as an actor and entertainer.  This is a very emotional journey not only for Krist but for everyone. Performing in front of your adoring fans, and seeing their reactions in real time is a very touching experience. GMM Tv had perfected the formula of a successful BL movie and industry. For the actors, this is one of those opportunities where you can actually see your fans and how your work impacts their life. To have this opportunity to reach thousands of lives and make a difference is one of the amazing benefits of being an actor. Krist is an amazing actor because he loved and recognized his fans, and so does the rest of the GMM actors that night who gave their very best performance for their fans and followers.