Part Two: Interview with BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid


BLTG: "Welcome back to Part two of our interview with BL Script writer, Jason Vonderheid.  Jason welcome back."

Jason: "Thank you."

BLTG: "Why is Tawat of Make Him Swim seems to be really mysterious?"

Jason: "Well, Tawat is really a mysterious character. Later on, the scenes will unfold and the audiences will understand what I meant with that."

BLTG: "So for now, we're just gonna say that he is indeed mysterious as confirmed by the writer."

Jason: "Yes, ha ha."

BLTG: "Let's talk about Dear Mister Heart, we know that we had launched 8 scenes already, and we're really just barely scratching the surface, what are some things that our readers should look out for in the coming scenes."

Jason: "I think the next scenes will be very exciting. This is a funny script, so it will really be fun. Once we introduced Mister Thailand to the story, I think things will really get super interesting."

BLTG: "You said before that Thailand is the leading BL producer in the world, why did you said that?"

Jason: "I firmly believed in that. Thailand had produced quality and successful BL series just this year alone. They were able to integrate their own culture and touch to the story while staying true to all the elements that makes a film a BL. I also love their selections of actors, and not only that, they can also sing. So integrating touching music videos to a really cool BL movie, I mean, these are winning formulas to capture the hearts of audiences."

BLTG: "What do you think about the BL industry and where it's heading"

Jason: "I think the future for the BL industry is very exciting. This is a very stable industry and had been around since the 70's and it gained strong loyal followers."

BLTG: "Now, let's talk about 40 is the New High School, I might be wrong, but I think we just covered the first scene, so this is a very new BL script series in the site. Tell us more about why you chose that title."

Jason: "I think the title basically is a give away, our main character is a 40 year old guy who's going back to high school. But because this is a BL script, he will be surrounded by really cute young guys."

BLTG: "Let's go back to Laundry Teddy, in the current scene that was launched, Teddy saw Drew's online profile, so are you implying that indeed Drew works as an escort?"

Jason: "I designed that scene to be very confusing. Lauren is convinced that..that was Drew when she sent the text message to Teddy, but then when she confronted Drew and told him that Teddy's off to meet this escort, it kinda showed that Lauren had changed his mind. She doesn't think it's Drew. But Teddy from the start, had some reservations but he was convinced that it was not Drew. The coming scenes I think will seal the deal and will give the audience a deeper understanding on what's really going on."

BLTG: "That concludes our interview with Jason Vonderheid, BL Script writer for BL TO GO's four scripts:  Laundry Teddy, 40 is the New High School, Make Him Swim and Dear Mister Heart. Jason why don't you invite our readers and followers to check out your scripts at BL TO GO?"

Jason:  "Yes, thank you so much for all your support. I totally truly appreciate it. All the script series are up now, and it's regularly launched at BL TO GO. To go back at the previously launched script, all you need to do is use the archive button of the site, by scrolling down and clicking on the search icon, and typing in the script title. I also would like to announce that I have a new BL Script series that will be launched soon in the coming weeks, the title is "Wake up Heart", this is another very touching BL script which I hope you all will love."

BLTG: "Thanks Jason for more, scroll down to check the link on the first part of our interview. Thanks guys for all your daily support at BL TO GO!"