Part One Interview with Jason Vonderheid


BLTG: "Welcome everyone to Part One of our interview with BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid. Hello Jason."

Jason: "Hi, thanks for having me, welcome everyone and thank you for all your support"

BLTG: "Let's dive in to the interview, Jason tell us really quickly what the four BL stories are all about?"

Jason: "Yes, thank you. I've written four original BL Script Series which are currently being launched at BL TO GO. The first script is called Laundry Teddy, this is about a guy who's in love with this very good looking guy who is very unsure of his feelings towards him.  The second one is called 40 is the new High School, this is about a 40 year old janitor who went back to school to finish his high school and move forward to certificate courses so he can improve his life. He is the subject of affection of younger guys who finds him very charming and good looking.  The third script is called  Make Him Swim, this is a love triangle between two very gorgeous college varsity swimmers and a regular intelligent guy.  And lastly the fourth script is called Dear Mister Heart, this is about a guy in his late 30's who proposed to his boyfriend but unfortunately he got turned down, so he traveled to Thailand and caught the eye of Mister Thailand."

BLTG: "A lot of questions that we got from our readers is about why you called it Laundry Teddy?"

Jason: "It's because Teddy and his mom got to where they are in life because of what they do, they run a laundry business technically. Laundry is central to the theme of the story, this is the platform that opened Drew to Teddy."

BLTG: "Do you see yourself in any of the characters in the BL series?"

Jason: "Yes, I do. I think, the characters are designed so people can really relate to them. I see myself in any of those characters in those BL series."

BLTG: "Your writing tends to be more funnier at Dear Mister Heart, why?"

Jason: "Dear Mister Heart is really a comedy while Make Him Swim is more of a romantic drama. But as you can tell, I always inject comedy in most scenes. I like funny films. Laundry Teddy is a bridge between comedy and drama and 40 is a new High School is more of a drama"

BLTG: "Most BL ends with a sad note, how did you end these BL scripts?"

Jason: "With a happy note. I love happy endings."

BLTG: "Check us out tomorrow for Part Two of our Interview with BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid."