Make Him Swim. Scene 7

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For Scene 7 of Make Him Swim, two characters were introduced, Chai's mom who works as a waitress in the diner and who's also sick, she has lung cancer as she's a smoker who had not really quit and Celia, the girlfriend of Lem. Celia is very uppity, Lem drags her down at the diner because Lem is a little bit curious as to where Chai will go after their tutorial. Tawat appeared in front of Chai, who felt very awkward. He asked Tawat if he's stalking him, of which Tawat replied that yes, he's stalking him and he's proud of it, because he's honest with his feelings for him. At this point, Tawat is actually sending those messages to Chai, that he likes him. They both left the diner together.