5 Ways to keep bats away from your home


Bats are Halloween cool plus they eat the insects especially the mosquitoes around your house, but if they live so close that will become a problem because their urine and waste materials are hazardous to your health. So what to do to keep them away from your home:  1. Try mothballs, they hate the smell of mothballs, tie couple of mothballs around the tree where you see them residing in the morning.  2. Bats loves mosquitoes, so if you have a standing water around your house, particularly by your garden and porch, chances are there's mosquitoes and this attracts the bats.  Try to remove the standing water.  3. How about hanging some aluminum foils where they usually hang out. Bats hate the noise that these foils makes.  4. Spray some peppermint aerosol around the area where they usually are. Peppermint smells are something that bats hate.  5. Hose them down, try to do it in the morning when they're nesting.