4 Ways on how to talk to your crush


Have a super crush on him? But you just can't get yourself together to even start a conversation with him that even a simple hello seems so super hard?  4 ways to talk to your crush:  First, just be natural. The more you try, the more artificial you will seem to be. Stick with simple topics that you think you and your crush have something in common with or that you think he will connect with.  Two, don't make him commit. By that, it means the worst thing you can do is to drag the conversation on and on, to the point that you become boring. Two rules, keep it quick, keep it light.  Three, expect to be rejected, because if he did, then there's no surprises. What we meant by focusing on the looming rejection is for you to recognize that he can reject you as you're technically not connected with him yet, or you won't go to the trouble of finding ways so you can fix the difficulties of even starting a conversation with him.  Knowing this possibility will sharpen your focus and give you the boost of confidence that you can overcome this rejection.  Fourth, just be honest, you don't have to tell him that you built a wall of his photos at your room, but being honest means, you're actually enjoying having a conversation with him regardless of where that will lead.