Laundry Teddy. Scene 14

scene 14.1.jpg

Scene 14 at Laundry Teddy is a very revealing scene. This is the scene where we're starting to dig deeper on who Drew really was.  Teddy had been depressed for the past weeks now. He knew that Drew will never love him. It was quite obvious that night at the hotel room when Drew gave Teddy the pity kiss. So Lauren, as Teddy's best friend recognized and felt what Teddy is going through. She's deeply affected by this. She noticed how Teddy behaved back at school, and basically it also affected her friendship with Teddy. She calls Teddy to say hi and to see whether Teddy would like to open up to her. Lauren is a good friend, so she puts herself out there and reach out to Teddy as much as she can. But Teddy it seems in this scene is closing the doors. He prefers to just be by himself, and go through this internal turmoil alone. Lauren did not pushed through. She let go. So she just told Teddy that she found this link and that she will text it to him. When Teddy got the text, he was a bit hesitant to open the link because, he's not sure what Lauren had sent or he's not really ready to go back to his friendship and normality with Lauren. But anyway, he did click the link, and to his shock, there's this online escort page of a guy that exactly looks like Drew. He's not sure whether it was Drew or not. But he finally came to a conclusion that it can't be true, after all why will Drew work as an escort, he's a popular guy, everything's going well with his life, I mean, it really doesn't make sense.  To follow the previous launched episode, use the search icon found at the bottom of this page, type in "Laundry Teddy". It will give you a list of links which will give you access to previous episodes.