Dear Mister Heart. Scene 8

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In Scene 8 of Dear Mister Heart, Carlos sat outside the building where he was forcefully dragged out by the security guards after his boss, Mister Montero called them out. His officemate brought his stuff outside and hands him the business card that he got from the older lady in the restaurant. The interesting thing about this scene is that his officemate mentioned the key words that the older lady said to Carlos, "Calm your hearts, change your luck" which all connects to Bangkok. The older lady wanted Carlos to take a trip to Bangkok so she's willing to give Carlos this vacation because she believes that its bad luck to witness someone being dumped during a proposal, and that this bad luck will rub on to her. So Carlos called the number, and he was surprised because the secretary who answered her call, actually knows him, she's his neighbor, so the secretary asked him to text some details and just head straight to the airport. She actually jumped at Carlos Balcony and go through his drawer to get his passport. This is designed to be a funny scene, because its so coincidental, I mean, what are the chances that she's Carlos neighbor?  To check out the previous launched post of Dear Mister Heart, use the search icon found at the bottom of the site, click on it and type in "Dear Mister Heart"