7 Steps to Simplify your Space


Simplify your space in 7 steps:   Step 1, de-clutter, get rid of stuffs you don't really need, either trash it out or donate it to charity.   Step 2, paint your space with a tonal palette in mind, choose two to three hues of the same color grid.   Step 3, organize  your stuff, keep in mind that essentials should always be accessible and seasonals can be filed at the back of your space.  Step 4, clear your desk, it will be your work station where you can sort things out. It wouldn't hurt though to have a simple pen and post-its accessible all the time from your desk. Step 5, invest in storage. Study your space and find areas that you can use as storage spaces. Check your local stores for storage solutions.  Step 6, take at least five minutes each day to tidy things up no matter how busy you are or how rush you are to really get your day started.  Step 7, find inspirations on design magazines and sites which you can integrate to further enhance and simplify your design and space.