6 Foods that boosts Memory


Six foods that's good for your memory because of it's boosting capabilities:  1. Love coffee? You're gonna love it more, because coffee has anti-oxidants properties, coffee does not only bring a feel good situation to your life, but it also boost your memory, the caffeine in coffee increase your alertness and helps you concentrate more.  2. Broccoli, yes that "green thing" its time to really integrate more broccoli in your diet, broccoli is rich in Vitamin K, and that's good  for your brain.  3. Walnuts, the omega 3 fatty acids of walnuts is helpful for boosting memory and improving concentration.  4. Eggs, rich in choline that has mood regulating properties. Consuming eggs regularly will also help in improving memory.  5. Spinach, high in folate, this is good for boosting your memory.   6. Salmon, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon targets your neurons and has boosting benefits.