4 Guides to be Happy


Four guides to be happy:  1. Find consistency in your life, look at it with satisfaction in mind. Life can really be tough sometimes, by recognizing familiarity and how it impacts your life, you'll find a balance that can lead to a deeper appreciation of everything around you and everyone that impacts your life.  2. Value your relationships. Whether you're on it for friendship or love, relationships creates a pool of constant happiness.  3. Reward yourself. It might just be a small treat like a designer cologne or a weekend fun like a Caribbean holiday. But these rewards regardless of how small or significant they are keeps you in touch with that inner you, that glows and yearns to be always happy.  4. Share something. Nothing feels greater than seeing something that you've done out of generosity reflected in the eyes of another person. By sharing something, you're actually connecting and letting that other person know that you're as human as him or her.