Dear Mister Heart. Scene 7

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Scene 7 is one of my most favorite scene, simply because it's really funny. In this scene, the audience gets a glimpse on how Gabriel works as a doctor. Carlos called Gabriel to tell him about all the bad lucks that just happened to him, at that time Gabriel is in the middle of his surgery. His Nurse has three Nursing students with her at that time who are all very nervous as its the first time that they'll assist a doctor during surgery. So as Carlos was talking to Gabriel, the Nurse and her students are just following through, catching all those organs that Gabriel was throwing at them, until one of the student nurse can't take it anymore, he collapses, meanwhile Gabriel's nurse realized that Gabriel is no longer aware of what's going on as he's still busy talking on the phone, so she took the matters to her own hands, and she tries to put the organs back at the patient. Gabriel snapped back and was shocked at what he he had done.