Part Two: Interview with Make Him Swim Tawat and Lem


BLTG: "Welcome back to our Interview with Make Him Swim leads, Tawat and Lem, let's jump in, Lem you have a girlfriend?"

Lem: "Yes, I do"

BLTG: "So does she knew about Chai, and your developing feelings for him?"

Lem: "It was not pretty clear on those earlier scenes whether I communicated this to my girlfriend, but I did told her about Chai. I wanted the audience to see that I'm very transparent when it comes to my relationships. Although, I don't really say it out loud, my actions and behavior towards Chai will speak for itself."

BLTG: "How about you Tawat, do you have a girlfriend in the story?"

Tawat: "Totally Chai loyal here..Lol"

Lem: "Lol"

BLTG: "There is some obvious jealousy going on with Chai's best friend Mili, why did you ask Chai who Mili is in his life?"

Lem: "I did not really directly asked that, I was just curious, I saw them at the cafeteria, and they appear pretty close, so it's my own getting to know you reflexes that kick starts that situation."

BLTG: "So go ahead, why don't you both invite our readers to follow the series here at BLTOGO"

Tawat: "Yes, thanks to everyone who send their emails and messages, we're reading it all and we appreciate all the support."

Lem: "We are now on Scene 6, and there's more interestingly romantic and exciting scenes to come up, so don't miss Make Him Swim only here at BLTOGO."

BLTG: "That's it, thank you so much guys and keep on reading BLTOGO.COM"