Maximize your workout in 6 ways


Here's 6 ways that you can maximize your workout:  1. Hydrate throughout the day and during your work out.  2. Fuel your body with balance carbs.   3. Talk to a fitness expert and nutritionist for guidance as to your meal plans as well supplements that you can integrate with your updated work out diet.  4. Focus on a balanced compound exercises like pushups, squats and deadlifts instead of breaking them down into sets. This saves you time, as well as it maximizes your energy.  5. Don't forget your breathing exercises in between sets. This has a calming effect as well as it helps you get in touch more with yourself and gives you the necessary break in between the workouts to regain and catch up more energy.  6. Motivate yourself to do more and do better. This is your own body, with hard work, there's always rewards at the end of the day.