Interview with Make Him Swim's Tawat and Lem


BLTG: "We would to welcome the two leading men of BL Series, Make Him Swim, Tawat and Lem, welcome guys."

Tawat: "Thanks for having us."

Lem: "Thank you. Hello everyone"

BLTG: "My first question for both of you, why Chai? What does he have that you both find attractive?"

Lem: "I think because he's a smart guy and that he's totally focused in helping me pass my exams, he made alot of review materials and even though it's already late at night, he's still motivated to help me learn and understand those lessons"

BLTG: "But he's not doing that for free, isn't it that in return he gets scholarships credits?"

Lem: "True, but I can tell that he's very genuine and sincere."

BLTG: "How about you Tawat, why Chai?"

Tawat: "In my case it's really physical attraction from the start. I think he's just a gorgeous guy."

BLTG: "Make Him Swim had already launched six scenes, in any of those launched scenes, what was that scene where you said to yourself, I really like Chai?"

Lem: "I think in the first six scenes, I had not really turned around, but there's that time while we're studying, and Chai was explaining stuff to me, I was like in my mind, this is a really interesting guy."

Tawat: "How about that scene where you got off the pool and Chai's eye travel all over your body?"

Lem: "I think I was very naive, I had not really processed that out yet."

Tawat: "In my case, it really happened in the first few seconds when I met him. I'm a little bit rough, and I think I like to tease Chai to see how far he will go."

BLTG: "There's that scene Tawat where you're actually in the coffee shop and just secretly watching Chai and Lem, what was that all about?"

Tawat: "I think that's part of my being Tawat, I'm really mysterious."

BLTG: "Without revealing any significant details from future scenes, because we just want to focus first on the six scenes that was launched,  why did you said that you're mysterious?"

Tawat: "I think its because the audience will find me at first, hard to understand. But not really, later on, I wanted them to see the real me, and the reasons why I'm like that to Chai."

BLTG: "Lem you are the most popular swimmer, and a very attractive guy, why will someone like you fall for someone like Chai?"

Lem: "I think it just shows how ordinary I am, anyone can relate to me, the story revealed my weakness from the very beginning, I suck at academics."

Tawat: "I think I'm ok, academically speaking. I don't need a tutor. lol"

BLTG: "Moving on, why do you think many people are always attracted to swimmers?"

Tawat: "The swimwear?"

Lem: "Maybe its because it requires alot of physical training and concentration to excel in this field, swimmers tend to have a high level of discipline and courage"

BLTG: "Tawat, do you think you're a bully to Chai?"

Tawat: "I think in the first scenes, I came in very strong towards Chai, but on scene 6, I mellowed down. I don't think I'm bullying Chai, I think it's just my personality at work during those first scenes."

To be continued...