5 Signs that you're faking your BF


Think he didn't notice? Well, only time will tell. Five signs that you're obviously just faking your boyfriend:  1. You prefer to just text him rather than spend the time to call him even though it's been couple of days since you last saw each other.  2. You had not formally introduced him to your family, and to your close friends. He kept on asking you when, but instead of planning for a specific date, you opt to just delay things until he gets tired of asking.  3. You're definitely sure you're not feeling anything towards him, but when you're with him, you feel like, you need to show some sort of affection because he's expecting that and that, you're obligated to.  4. You feel that you needed him for something, even though you're not sure what he's for really in your life.  5. He wanted to deeply connect with you, while you continue to build emotional walls lined with excuses that this is how an ideal relationship should look like, walled by distance.