4 Reasons why Driverless cars are inevitable


Think it won't happen, well chances are it may, it's really just a matter of time. Here's 4 reasons why driverless cars are inevitable:  1. Legislations are on the way to equip car manufacturers of producing and testing more cars equipped with self automation technology. Back with meaningful and targeted legislation, this new technology will truly see day light.  2. Finding the balance between regulation and data sharing among car manufacturers and companies to improve their technology and iron out spots that needs to be develop to further enhance the car's safety, technology and road functions, will help speed up the delivery of automation on major roads and highways.  The fact that this area is being worked out, is a good positive step. 3.  In the next 2 to 5 years, major companies are commercially introducing self driving cars for general consumers and countries like Singapore will be integrating autonomous taxi services as early as next year. These new changes will speed up the delivery of this new technology.  4. Safety is always a major concern, with enhanced marketing campaigns that's going on to further educate consumers regarding the benefits of automation and how it enhances road safety is the key for mainstream acceptance of self driving car.

TechJason VonderheidComment