Five steps to tell him that he's cheap


From day one, you know that he's really cheap. But what can you do, you love your boyfriend. But sometimes it gets too much and it always bothered you when his cheapness goes public. Deep inside you wanted to tell him that next time you and him go out with your parents, he should pick up the tab, or it gets too embarrassing that your best friend's boyfriend is always paying for the bill whenever you hang out with them. 5 ways to tell him that he's cheap.  1. Start by telling him how much you appreciate everything that he had done for you.   2. Mention the event in question, and how it hurted and embarrassed you.  3. Make him understand that you understand how he is, and there's nothing wrong with being frugal, but sometimes in social situations, he has to step out of his box and take control of the situation.  4. Mention how many times your parents or your best friend's boyfriend picked up the tab and that its time for him to do the same, in that way it will not put you on an embarrassing situation.  5. Touch on why generosity is important and the real value in life is not the savings that he will gain but being with you and the life that both of you will be building.