40 is the New High School. Scene 1

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Scene 1 of 40 is the New High School introduces the audience to the main character, Chaow. He's 40 and works as a janitor. Tensions immediately rise up as Klahan, who also works as a janitor showed strong interest on Chaow by defending him from the rude office workers. He also invited Chaow to hang out with him at this new bar. Chaow said no, and use an excuse that he has a second job to go to, which is actually a lie, Chaow is in a relationship with a successful executive, Hendrik who works on the same place as him, the only thing is nobody knows this except just him and Hendrik. Remember to follow the next launch scenes just use the Search icon found at the bottom of the site, and type in the title of the BL series, 40 is the New High School.