4 Signs that you're a control freak


So you think it's them who has issues, why not take a second look, maybe it's you who's causing all those troubles. 4 signs that you're a control freak:  1. You never listen to people. Your mind is always fixed set to believe and follow what you think should be done and is in the best interest of everyone, including yours.  2. You always have this nagging behavior of jumping in at any point in the conversation and having your say without really thinking whether that was the right moment to jump in or that what you will say can hurt people.  3. You're totally fixated on your goals to the point that you ignore everyone that should be integrated as they're technically part of that process in attaining those goals.  4. You hate to admit you're wrong, and will try any ways just to rationalize your argument even though deep inside you know that the only fair thing to do is to admit that indeed, you're in the wrong.