Laundry Teddy. Scene 10

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Scene 10 is a very important scene, it's central to the whole story of Laundry Teddy. This is the scene where Teddy and Drew had their first kiss, and also the scene where Drew realized that he's actually feeling something for Teddy, but he quickly dismissed those feelings as he has important matters in hand, particularly he brought Teddy to the hotel room as technically his props so he can stage this relationship with Teddy in front of his girlfriend's mom who Drew was not aware of also tagged his mom around to really see what's going on. Teddy realized this and tried to take control of the situation, he teased Drew to give him a real kiss in front of the two women, he knew that Drew will do this because he has no choice, he needs to cover every angle. When the women left, reality sinks in, Teddy is in love with Drew, and Drew is not. Or at least at that moment, Drew got hold of his emotions and quickly dismissed whatever feelings he had for Teddy. In a last chance effort to get Drew, Teddy asked Drew to kiss him again. There's a lot of emotions injected in this scene. There are funny moments, and really serious moments. There's a rough road ahead of Teddy and Drew, the question is, can they survive the test of life and love?