7 ways to prevent Credit Card Fraud


Even though you can easily call your credit card company and make a complain the moment you discover fraudulent charges on your account, it will still cost you tons of your time, energy and stress . The best cure to any problem is always prevention. 7 ways to protect yourself from Credit card fraud:  1. There's a reason why there's a signature strip behind your card, sign it immediately the moment you receive your card. A signed card is an important fraud prevention measure. 2. Even though you hate keeping receipts, the moment that you encounter fraudulent charges in your account, you'll be glad that you have kept your receipts to back up your claim.  3. Only use your card on reputable websites and establishments.  4. When shopping, observe the cash register clerk, make sure that he or she is not paying particular attention to your credit card numbers as well as the security code behind your card. The chip technology on cards is designed to minimize the exposure of your card with the clerk, this is a helpful fraud prevention measure.  5. Never ignore your paper and online bills, the moment you receive your bill, open it immediately or log in to your online account, and study the charges that's reflected on your bill. If you find a suspicious amount, immediately notify your credit card company.  6.  Pay your bills on time, this will come in handy, the moment you encounter problems with your bills. You can never go wrong with a clean credit card history.  7. Have two wallets. Separate your credit cards with your cash and ID's.  When you lose your wallet, you'll be glad that you still have another wallet with your cards on it.

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