Make Him Swim. Scene 5

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For Scene 5, both Tawat and Lem had an opportunity to directly flirt with Chai in their own way. With Tawat, that moment happened when he just walked in by the pool as Chai was waiting for Lem as he finish off showering so they can go to the coffee shop to study Lem's lessons.  Tawat intentionally removed his clothes down to the swimwear as he seductively looked at Chai. With Lem, it's a little bit different. Lem is not yet aware of what he's feeling towards Chai. There is something there. He's a very good looking guy, he's a popular varsity swimmer, and he has a girlfriend, so basically there's no space for Chai in his life. And yet, he still find himself flattered when he realized that Chai really likes him as he caught Chai stares at him as he got off the pool and walked towards Chai in just his swimwear.  Tawat also shows some jealousy in this scene, he asked Chai if he's trying to look really good so Lem will notice him.  Chai is a little bit confused on whether he should act on his feelings for Tawat, or whether he feel something for him. Tawat is a very gorgeous guy. Chai is just a regular guy. This is probably one of those forces that prevents Chai from fully acting on his feelings whether its for Lem or for Tawat.