How to tell him indirectly that you really don't like him, Four ways.


This had been going on for weeks now. You just can't bring yourself to tell him directly that the thing is, you're just not into him. Six ways to spill the truth that you're not into him that is, indirectly.  1. Text him. Believe me, it might be a cold way but this is really the easiest way to tell the truth.  2. You can ask a friend to do it for you. It might sound very cowardly, but what the heck, if you can't say it yourself maybe someone else can do it for you. After all, that person is your friend isn't it? and you will do the same, if the situation was reversed.  3. Highlight the best thing about him as you drop your note by his mail box, end it by telling him that probably its best that both of you took some time off from each other, even if you really did not spend that much time on him.  This will lessen the impact.  4. Just withdraw from him. Maybe time is your best friend who can do the job for you. Or maybe he will get it and understand everything.