Dear Mister Heart. Scene 3

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In Scene 3, Carlos and Gabriel stepped out of the restaurant after they were kicked out by the waiter.  Carlos is still in shock because he really did not expect that Gabriel will say no to his proposal. Gabriel it seems did not get the fact that this is an important thing for Carlos. So he went off on his own as Carlos just stood there. The older lady from the restaurant saw everything. She gave Carlos her business card, and a trip to Bangkok. She's a very superstitious woman, the fact that she's right there in the restaurant when Carlos proposal was turned down, she believes that this will bring bad luck to her as well. But she also felt sorry for Carlos, when Carlos asked her why Bangkok, she simply explains that Bangkok is a city that calms all hearts and changes all lucks. I think this is a very beautiful line and really solidify the next location for the coming scenes, which is in Thailand.