6 ways to quit smoking the smart way


Quit smoking the smart way, 6 ways:  One, stay away from smoking temptations like bars and company of friends who smokes.  Two, seek medical intervention. Follow through with nicotine patches and smoking interventions that are geared to help you quit.  Three, find new distractions. How about travel? New part time job or community volunteer projects?  Four, go to the gym for real. This will give you new goals and fitness directions.  Five, change your diet. Nutritious foods will compliment your goals of getting back to shape. Six, attend group therapies. Opening up to strangers with whom you share a common experience may not seem like something that you would like to do, but you'll be surprised how seeing yourself through their shoes can be a motivating and uplifting experience that can help you get back and move on with your life, and finally quit smoking, the smart way.