4 Signs that you're a pet hoarder


Is there something wrong with being a pet hoarder? Well not really as long as its paired with responsible ownership. This is where things gets really complicated. Pets are great to have, they provide instant joy and they're wonderful companions but they also require alot of care, attention and love. Here's 4 signs that you're a pet hoarder,  1. You have tons of pets, to the point that they're too many for you to really take care of them.   2. You just can't pass a stray dog by the roadside, there's nothing wrong in adopting them or helping them to find a new home, but if this becomes a habit to the point that you're actually road searching for strays, then this should raise a red flag.  3. You just can't find it in yourself to give away your new kittens even if they will go to a new loving home and deep inside you know that you just can't handle a new batch of pets.  4. You know deep inside that you've been pet hoarding all these years to the point that taking care of them becomes exhausting, and yet you're in denial that you really need help when it comes to these matters and situations.