4 Ways to control your jealousy in real time


So you're out with friends at a party and suddenly your ex steps in with the new person that's responsible for your break up. You can feel the jealousy builds up inside you. This is so not happening, as you conditioned yourself to be strong the next time your Ex shows up in your life. Control your jealousy in real time:  First, Take a deep breath. Mentally count from one to ten. Second, tell yourself that you're not going to react, in fact you're gonna act like you really don't care and that you're perfectly fine even though deep inside, this situation mentally and emotionally rock you to pieces.  Third, smile at your Ex when the new person was introduced to you. Show goodwill and kindness as you hug or shake the person's hands. If the new person starts a small talk with you, play along until you get a chance to exit the scene. Fourth, find yourself a place where you can be by yourself, this should be the only time that you will truly express how you really feel. If you need to cry, then cry.