The BL Best Friend


Behind most BL stories is that female BL Best friend who from day one will always be there as the strong supporter of her BL best friend.  In Laundry Teddy, Lauren is that BL Best friend. She's a complete opposite of Teddy. She's very beautiful, she's a cheer captain. Lauren can be funny at times, but as the scenes goes through the audience will discover the other side of Lauren, she's a strong woman, she's very smart and she knows what's going on.  Meanwhile at Make Him Swim, Mili is Chai's best friend. She's very direct, which at times may seem that she's a little bit too strong for Chai, but that's just her personality. Internally she will do anything to protect her best friend, Chai.  Watch out for these two interesting characters and to keep up with the launched scenes, simply click on the search icon found at the bottom of site, type in any of our current BL Script series: Laundry Teddy, Make Him Swim and Dear Mister Heart.