Make Him Swim. Scene 4

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Scene 4 is a bonding scene between Chai and his best friend Mili. The location is at the school's cafeteria where Chai opens up to Mili regarding how he really feels towards Lem. At this time, Lem and him had already done couple of tutorial sessions. Tawat got jealous when he saw Lem gave Chai his schedule. But at the end of the scene, when he took Chai's tray, he knew that he had a strong connection with Chai. There are two flirt scenes that went on for Scene 4, one with Chai and Tawat when they first saw each other, Tawat gave Chai a wink, and this was followed later on when Tawat helps Chai throw the leftovers from his lunch tray, The second flirt scenes is between Chai and Lem, Mili sensed this as Lem talks to Chai.  Mili's personality was also revealed, she's very protective of Chai while at the same time, she's a very practical person.