Four ways to deal with him if he's treating you like his cash cow


Do you feel like your boyfriend is just treating you like his on demand cash cow? No matter what your heart says, you know deep inside that this is not love. Four ways to deal with this situation:  One, confront him. Tell him how you feel about being treated like a cash cow. It hurts because you're more than that.  Two, resist the urge to give in. No matter how loving he suddenly becomes or all the excuses and denials he can come up with, its not really worth the risk and pain of going through the same situation again, you know that he's not the type of person that easily changes.  Three, withdraw from him both physically and emotionally. This might be hard, but this is the only way that you can assess where you are emotionally with him.  Fourth, use common sense. Think, how many times did he asked you to support him financially? how many times did you feel like you're nothing to him but just his cash cow. You know the answer. Act on how you really feel, and should really feel.