5 Things you should buy at Marshalls


Love great bargains from popular brands? Find them all in just one stop at Marshalls stores. Here's five things that you should be on the look out for while at Marshalls.  1. Lamp shades, you can get a pair for less than a hundred bucks, and these are quality branded lamp shades that can match your style and decor.  Great gifts as well.  2. Looking for Italian or plates from Poland? Find them all at Marshalls. Start your plates collections now. Check out for chips though.  3. Wall frames, whether you plan to use the print or not, for 15 to 25 bucks you'll find a great frame to use for your new poster.   4. Lotions, Shampoos and Fragrances.  Why pay for the brand's sticker price when you can get them at more than half its original price?  5.  Ear phones, for less than 8 bucks you can get a branded quality piece to sport the next time you jog.