Laundry Teddy. Scene 9


Scene 9 is an interesting scene, there's lots of tension between Teddy and Drew in this scene. At first, Teddy thought that Drew was very upset at what he and Lauren did when he went to Drew's place to pick up his laundry particularly all the social media postings that Lauren did. But this was really not the reason, Drew is up to something. Teddy thought that Drew is secretly in love with him, he actually believed that Drew is going to date rape him, especially when the car stopped right in front of a seedy looking hotel. I think the funny moments on this scene happens from the very beginning of Scene 9 when Drew just literally lift Teddy off his feet and drag him by his back straight to his car where he seat belt locked him. The scene ends when Drew realized that Teddy has really no plans of getting off the car, so he did the same thing back at Teddy's house, he hauled Teddy straight at his hotel room. Remember to use the Search icon at the bottom of the site and type in "Laundry Teddy" for access to all the previous scenes.