4 Things you can do to Fix your BF boredom


Your boyfriend's bored, so what to do...what to do... Well consider these 4 stuffs:  1. Travel, new places, new experiences, new things will definitely perk things up.  2. Time out, by taking a time off from each other, your technically giving your bf the free time which he really needs so he can do things that he likes, maybe he prefers to hang out with his friends or watch a movie alone just to really dig deeper and keep in touch with himself more.  3. Volunteer. Nothing will cheer both of you up than seeing a hard work earned at the end of the day. Consider volunteering in your local community, by giving back, both of you will feel much connected to each other and also to your community.  4. Talk about things. Maybe it's just a matter of talking things out. You'll be surprise how he will open up when he realize that you're ready to just sit there and listen to him.