10 Emergency Must Haves


With the Hurricane season still looming, here's 10 Emergency must haves:  1. Stock up on drinking water, buy couple gallons of drinking water. You can never go wrong with tons of drinking water.  2. Necessities: flashlights, flicker lighter, match sticks, batteries, and candles.  3. Portable stove to cook on that won't require electric.   4. Canned goods and dry noodles, including rice and oat meals.  5. Stock up on fuel for your car and generator.   6. Make sure that you call in your medications and pick up your prescriptions so you got this part covered.  7. Other essentials like toilet paper, over the counter meds, coffee, milk that won't require refrigeration, cookies, instant noodles 8. Cooking essentials: Cooking oil, vinegar, soy sauce, salt.  9. Battery pack for your mobile devices.  10. Battery powered radio so you know what's going on if ever you lose your electric and phone services.